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One night after creating drawings of the cows in my childhood, I felt it wasn't enough to communicate with them. "I've got to talk to them," I felt, "they're listening!"


So I recorded my voice. The moment I instinctively combined it with the drawing video, something clicked. It creates an openness where my mind enters my animals. This is how I created the first DrawingPoem -- "I need to talk to my animals." Since then, I cannot help but create more. Dwelling in that openness of the mind connects me with the inner child and the magic of being alive.


Impromptu one-line portrait. It is unique in capturing the spirit of being beyond all forms.


When I start drawing, I am entering a meditative state of being quiet and open, letting the energy that moved me to express itself through the one line until it reaches precision. I am taken for a walk by one line. The artwork is a life of its own and a gift of the divine spirit. I am grateful to observe it emerge and share it with you.


Choosing the medium of ink and markers on the finest rice paper is to let ink flow in its natural form in the duration of time, with pause, speed, dance, and breath following the unknown energy. 


Painting: 14" x 14".
Frame: Golden frame edge 20" x 16.5", opening size 13.5" x 10.5". 

Impromptu One-line by Commission

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