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A drawingpoem is a pair of

drawing and poem to share

the ineffable beauty of life

and experience

the openness of the mind


Picasso said,"to draw, close your eyes and sing."

Heidegger said, "poetry is the origin of language."


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New Book 2017 !



A collection of 29 pairs of drawings and poems. 

I invite you to experience the pure joys of life that have touched me deeply and quietly.


Entered the collection of Center for Arts and Language at Rhode Island School of Design


Available at RISD Store, Brown Book Store, Books on the Square

in Providence, RI

  • "Beautiful work!!"

  • "Yu Cao's drawings and poems are colorful, whimsical, and imaginative... It is a pleasure to browse through this delightful book!"

  • "Yu's drawing poems remind me to enjoy life's precious moments and to see the world with child-like wonder. "

  • "I'm inspired to start writing my own poems along with the artwork."

  • "If you are looking for an inspirational book with imaginative art to go along with it, Yu Cao truly delivers this for you."


-- Amazon Review

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