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Hina Cao (Yu Cao) is a NYC-based artist and fashion model who specializes in impromptu one-line drawings of people and animals, colorful abstract drawings and pairing drawings with poems. She invented the concept of Drawingpoem: a drawing/painting video with a vocal poem. 


She grew up in China and loves drawing since little. She draws to honor her God. The God that speaks to her and blesses her the connectivity with the divine and the ability to capture the spirit through drawings and poems. The ineffable beauty of daily life moves Hina to draw and write poems. They transport her into is an openness of the mind, stillness of the being, beyond thinking. That's where Hina wants to live for her whole life.


She is the author of the book "All That I love/ DrawingPoems." She was a finalist in 4th Juried Annual International Exhibition "Show Your World" in 2018. She graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) with Master of Architecture in 2017. 

Photography: Brad Cato

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