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Tape is drawing

make a drawing of

your drawing instrument with

your drawing instrument

tape draws itself

precision of materiality


in the freedom of precision

tape draws itself

be free as you want

tape will draw as precise

as it can

precision is materiality

precision of not knowing

tape is drawing

drawing is tape

marker, pencil, ink, tape on paper, 30x42in Tape is drawing

marker on rice paper, 14x14in  Saturday morning

Saturday morning

running in the winds

stretching limbs

two friends

scaring away clouds of

pigeons with laughters

from our ancient


pastel on rice paper, 14x14in

marker, pencil, ink on rice paper, 14x14in

oil pastel, marker on rice paper 14x14in

marker, oil pastel on rice paper, 14x14in

oil pastel, marker, pencil on cotton paper

18x66in Pink clouds

Pink clouds



a field of cotton

grows and

grows until

reaches the sky

becomimg pink


oil pastel, marker, ink on rice paper 28x54in Life death

Life life


a child’s cry 

under earth

a thousand years


life life

green urge

cumbling fights


death death

buried breath

white silence

oil pastel, pencil, marker, ink on cotton paper  30x42in Colorful immediacy

Colorful immediacy



no depth to 

hide anything

breath in 

and out 

be alive

pay attention

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