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Book: All That I Love / DrawingPoems

This book collects 29 pairs of drawings and poems created by Hina Cao. Each DrawingPoem is a pair of a drawing and a poem to capture the ineffable beauty in daily life.


"Yu's drawing poems remind me to enjoy life's precious moments and to see the world with child-like wonder. I highly recommend this book for creative artists/writers looking to inspire his/her creativity."

---- Peggy L.

"Yu Cao's drawings and poems are colorful, whimsical, and imaginative... It is a pleasure to browse through this delightful book!"​

---- Elisabeth K.

I bought this for my teenage daughter and she has shared it with her friends as well. If you are looking for an inspirational book with imaginative art to go along with it, Yu Cao truly delivers this for you.


---- Michele K.

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